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Kathleen O'Hara
Welcome to my website! It‘s exciting to present my work of the past 18 years in one, easy-to-access place. My columns and articles are available once again for readers, along with information about my recently published book, Lost and Found in London: How the Railway Tracks Hotel Changed Me!

A synopsis of Lost and Found in London is available under Book on the menu bar above, so I won’t go into detail here – except to point out that it is based on my experiences in the U.K. with someone who advocated a wonderful combination of personal and political change. So far, reviews from friends and strangers have been very positive and generous! Check out the Readers’ Reactions Book drop-down.

If you’d like to buy my book and live in Toronto, Belleville, or Kingston, you can go to the Where Available Book drop-down to find the name and address of a local, independent bookstore now stocking Lost and Found in London! Or, you can purchase online at, as well as Sony, Barnes & Noble, Books on Board, Scribd, and Kobo.

To keep up with Lost and Found in London’s adventures in the world, read my Blog above or go to the group Facebook page:
It’s all fun!

I began writing regular op/ed columns when I joined the Issues Network while a member of the Ottawa-based Parliamentary Press Gallery in the early-1990s. Being a journalist in Canada – especially a progressive one – hasn’t been easy. As you will see in the Archives to the right, my columns began to disappear after the right-wing ideologue Conrad Black bought the Southam newspaper chain. Fortunately, I had other outlets, including the now-defunct Canadian Forum magazine and the CCPA Monitor, produced by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. At one point, I found temporary refuge in the Toronto Star.

Today, there are still some mainstream editors willing to print left-leaning pieces, along with an increasing number of gutsy, online sites, such as, but as most of us are aware, the news scene isn't healthy. Canadians must do more to protect the variety of voices and opinions in their media! With narrower sources of information come narrower views. I need only say Harper Government – elected albeit by a clear minority of Canadians.

This is one reason I became an author. I’m hoping my book will reach an audience wanting to learn more about themselves and the world in these challenging times – when our “leaders” have taken us in dangerously wrong directions regarding the economy, war, the climate, and more. To conclude, I want to thank all the thoughtful and caring people who make my efforts to speak out possible. Now, please read and enjoy Lost and Found in London!

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